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Anyone else starting to gear their brains up for Christmas? I know, I know...the enthusiasts have been scheming their gift ideas and mantle decorations for months now, but now that it's full-blown Christmas in the stores (and the Halloween stuff is an afterthought on the end-cap of one or two aisles-take note it's only the second week of October) it's kind of hard to put it off any longer. 

This year I want to keep it simple. I'm done with the trinket junk plastic-y toys just to fill a stocking and end up getting broken the same day- just over the clutter. I'm focusing on quality over quantity this year (with a lot more than just stocking stuffers actually- it's incredibly refreshing).

Here are some of my top gift picks this year for Jillian and Olivia!
The husband's gift list remains a mystery...(why is he SO hard to buy gifts for?!)

 one: wooden musical block set at Sky Mall
two: soft mind shape blocks at Baby Earth
three: a Skiwsh by Manhattan Toy
four: moccs by Freshly Picked 
five: wooden teether rattle by Bannor Toys on Etsy
six: soft book by Melissa and Doug

one: cat doll by Petit Collage via Zulily
two: balance board on Amazon
three: wooden camera by Twig Creative on Etsy
four: finger puppets by Ikea
five: alphabet soup sorter set by Learning Resources
six: classic literature board books by Baby Lit
(I'm a huge advocate of early literacy...can you tell?)

I used to be very strict on the "no Christmas until Thanksgiving is over..." thing.
But I also used to hate avocados...

I also want to get into the habit of making something for each of my kids for Christmas every year. For Olivia, I found these adorable DIY Olliblocks. She's a little young for them now, but she'll grow into them in a few months!

Jillian is WAY into playing dress-up right now. Today she reenacted the scene of Cinderella leaving her glass slipper behind probably like 10 times in a row. Each time she wanted me to exclaim "Oh no! What are you going to DO?!" It was FUUUN.

I LOVE these yarn braids for dress-up costumes! Doesn't look too complicated to make...hopefully. Instructions here. I think an Elsa version would be cute!

Happy holiday shopping!
May the sales be ever in your favor. ;-)

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