My kiddos have been incredibly demanding little boogers lately (I mean who do they think they are...dependents or something?!). Thus I haven't had as much time to sit down and pee alone for 5 seconds  blog lately. Okay let's talk about that for a sec- because that's probably about all I have before Olivia wakes up for the 29th time tonight because her binky fell out of her mouth.

One of my Mom's frequent sayings is, "well you know kids, when you get it figured out they start doing something different!" It. Is. True. They've both been so weird lately. Jillian is going through some major regression recently- talking like a baby, scared to poop on the toilet again (remember that?), suuuuper clingy. I'm sure part of that is due to still adjusting to this new little human in our lives (right?). And Olivia takes forever to put to sleep now and wakes up 29 times a night. Okay, like 3-5. But that's a lot. 
And my patience level is like -5. 
'Tis not a good combination. 

So I'm hoping my Mom's little saying will ring true yet again (like tomorrow) and they'll be on to doing something different- preferably sleeping and pooping at normal intervals. Really that's not too much to ask, is it? Poop and sleep? You'd be amazed and how much smoother things run when those two things are in check (no matter what your age, really). 

OH. So this is supposed to be about my anniversary. 
Happy 6 years to us!! 
It's weird- because it feels like "whoa I can't believe it's been SIX years!" and "wait...it's only been six years?" at the same time. 

(right after we got engaged- before selfies were like, a "thing")

Since we had a big celebration last year for our 5th anniversary last year with our trip to Destin, we wanted to keep it low-key this year. Life has also been so crazy lately it was kind of nice to just go out on a regular date! 

We ate at the always scrumptious Cheesecake Factory and perused the mall. It was delightfully ordinary to just be together. He also surprised me with a pearl and diamond ring that I've been wanting forever!

Each year I've written one of these posts I like to go back and look at my anniversary post for each of the previous years. On our 3rd anniversary, I wrote this:

"Overall, life has changed a LOT. For the better. Definitely for the better. I wonder where we'll be in the next 3 years? Hopefully I'll be a retired teacher ;-) or at least doing online teaching, Jillian will be THREE (wwhhaa???) and we'll probably have another kid, if not then one on the way. WOWZAS. Cheers to us. "

I must be a psychic or something...I AM an online teacher, and we do have another baby! And life is still getting better. So now I feel like I have to do another three year prediction (which is a little harder because everything is so up in the air right now...). Soo my guess is we'll be living in another state where James lands a super awesome job (fingers crossed?), I will be a full-time stay-at-home-mom, and baby #3 will probably be alive and well (we like this three year spacing so far). Time will tell. 

Happy six years Hamase!

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