buzzed on over to cali-for-ni-a

Last Tuesday we got tickets to go to California on Friday. Talk about last minute! My parents and brother were flying out for my Grandma's 85th birthday and wanted us to come along (and of course my mom takes any chance she gets to see Jillian!) 

Go figure Jillian would pop a fever the night before we flew out...babies...they have impeccable timing. Even that morning when my alarm went off at 6:00 to get up and get ready to go, I wasn't sure if we were still going. But with a couple prayers and a few mL of Motrin later, we were off! 
(Can you believe when you fly from Salt Lake to Sacramento- a 1.5 hr flight- you have a layover?! So instead of what should have taken only 2 hours start to finish, took a whopping 6!...lame...at least Seattle is GORGEOUS this time of year.)

It was way fun seeing my Dad's side of the family in Cali- it had been years! They're seriously hilarious. That must be a Shannon trait. 

Jillian on the other hand, was a grumpy beaver. She would only let ME hold her, put her to sleep, and anything else that required the least degree of care. And I thought I'd have somewhat of a "free" weekend because my mom being there...nope! That little booger.

We went to Bidwell Park, where my Dad used to play when he was a kid. Nostalgic.

Jillian got to play with my cousin's kids. I have no idea what that relation is...
She also liked holding Kurtis' hand.  That was adorable.

We also visited my Grandpa's and cousin Kurti's grave. Jillian had to stroll around the cemetery in a diaper and a blanket...because she soaked through her outfit and I was ill prepared. Good thing no one else was there. 

1) The Shann-clan with Grandma 2) Gigi and the great grand-kiddos 3) Grandma and the grandkids 4) Grandma and 3 of the 5 kids

I love my family! They're the greatest.

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