I have literally zero pictures from Thanksgiving this year. Fail. Or the entire 5 days my mom and brother were here! Double fail! 

It was still a good time though. We went shopping...a lot...we also saw Twilight (so good!) and ate too much junk food. Ya know, the usual. 

Thanksgiving day we went to James' mom's house with the whole clan. I made a vanilla & salted caramel cheesecake that smelled amazing. I didn't actually get to taste it, because in the middle of my delicious Thanksgiving dinner (well, lunch really) I got sucker-punched in the gut with a bad case of the "HOLYCRAPYOUGONNADIE". 

I think people were getting the wrong idea...James' grandma came up to me and whispered, "Does this mean Jillian is going to have a sibling?" 
Nope. Haha. It does not. 

It was all down hill after that. We stayed for a few more hours, but fortunately I made it home without vomitting on anything/anybody. That didn't last much longer though...

Have you ever barfed whole chunks of anything? It's awful. It gets all clogged in your nose and such...igchk. My nose was burning and I got the worst headache from trying to blow out the carrot chunks that thought they could stay up in my nose piece. 

I don't want to eat Thanksgiving dinner ever again. It was completely scrumptious the first time around...not so much the second. 
Whatever bug I got seemed to also hit James to some degree. 
BOO. Needless to say, we had a very lazy Black Friday with absolutely no shopping. 

Regardless of all the barfing going on around these parts, I'm still feeling very grateful for everything I have. I have the best guy to take care of me and bring me glasses of ice water in the middle of the night and get up with Jillian when she decides she wants to eat at 2am, the cuddliest 16 month old in penguin fleece footed PJ's who cuddled with me an entire 30 minutes on the couch tonight, and the best family in the world to spend time with over the last few days. Sure am glad I have those folks forever. 

I promise there will be many more pictures (and posts for that matter) in December. I AM SO STINKIN' EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!

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