glitter, glitter everywhere

Today when we pulled out the Christmas tree (yep, it's fake. Bought it the 1st year we were married on Black Friday for like $25. Totally not an exciting Black Friday purchase.) and decorations, glitter got all over everything. It didn't help I made two crafts this year by doing the whole Elmer's glue/dump-a-butt-load-of-glitter-on-it crafts. 

James said he loves Christmas, hates glitter. In this house, Christmas and glitter go together like a fat kid with a jar of peanut butter. 

I was really looking forward to Jillian's reaction to the tree. Everyone said to only decorate the top half, but my inner OCD just wouldn't let me. I figure we can try to teach her not to pull down the ornaments...right? (somewhere someone reading this is going to laugh and shake their head at that notion- challenge accepted). 

In my mind I pictured this whole event a little more "Norman Rockwell" than it actually was...but it was still fun.

She loved putting the ornaments on the branches! She didn't even hesitate. Her inner monologue was something like this I'm sure, "Oh. We're putting these shiny balls on this tree that is inside our house. That makes total sense! I'm in." All she really said was, "Balls!" and "Good job" after she put on an ornament. 

Then she just wanted to put them on and take them off over and over again for a few minutes. After 10 minutes of the whole tree thing, she lost interest all together and wanted to build a tower with her stacking cups. 

Maybe I'll have better luck keeping those ornaments on the tree than I thought. 

We're in full, jolly swing over here. Now I just need to get shoppin'!

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