december is for fatties

(Please know I'm writing this post with the complete intention of stopping halfway through to go make the strawberry shake I've been thinking about all night).


So here's the deal. I'm not gonna try to kid myself and skimp out on the Christmas goodies this year to avoid gaining a few lb's. I like my Christmas goodies. And I like baking them even more. 

What I am gonna do, is work my butt off. 

 mmmhmmm....happening right now.


The December Challenge!

The plan: workout 5 days a week using Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 dvd. 

She doesn't mess around y'all. I like her workouts because they're only 30 minutes, but you feel like your body just went through 2 hours of torture. Good pay off.

The reward: getting a membership to Gold's Gym in January! 

Woot woot! Ever since my favorite Zumba studio closed down, I haven't settled on a gym that I want to join (thus haven't been going). But I'm gettin' tired of working out at home. Plus, Jillian isn't the best when it comes to workout partners. I figure I'll appreciate it more if I work to get it. 

So BRING ON the sugar cookies. ...just kidding...not sugar cookies...I don't really like sugar cookies. ahem. So BRING ON other delicious Christmas treats! AND BRING IT ON JILLIAN MICHAELS!!!

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