papa came to town

...For less than 24 hours, but we'll take it!

Not for a very happy reason...he came to steal Michaela away and drive her back to Florida. Well, I guess she's going quite willingly. She wants to be there for the couple of months before she goes on her church mission (understandable I guess). Nevertheless, I will miss her something awful. Who is going to show me funny youtube videos? Or update my quote board? Or get cupcakes with me? Or load my dishwasher? Aye aye aye...

Anyway. So my Dad flew in yesterday afternoon and we spent the day playing/eating/shopping/walking around temple square/riding in a horse carriage in Salt Lake. Jillian (who is usually very wary of new people) took right to him like they didn't even miss a beat.

I even managed to knock FOUR people off of my Christmas list shopping. Woo! 

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