Jillian definitely got jipped her first Halloween. She was a really tricky baby that required a lot of planning when going out, so when she fell asleep 15 minutes before we were supposed to head out to our church Halloween party- we just decided to call it a night. So she had no "first Halloween" and no "first costume" (which is probably why I took a ridiculous number of pictures this year). 

This Halloween was a lot more costume-y and festive than last Halloween. It's amazing to me that during our first three years of marriage, I couldn't convince James to dress up at all, as anything (he HATES Halloween). And then magically when you have a kid you can dress up, he not only agrees to participate in Halloween festivities, but wears fur pants! A miracle I tell you. A miracle. 
(Apparently the more kids you have, the more you get into the "spirit" of it all- as evidenced by my brother who has two daughters and went as Peter Pan, tights and all) :-D

Tuesday night we went to our friend Jen's trunk-or-treat party. Jillian had no idea what was going on and was terrified of James' wolf hat. But as soon as we gave her a Dum-dum sucker, she was a happy camper. By the way, whoever said it's as easy as "taking candy from a baby" has clearly never done it- because I'm pretty sure it was the end of the world when we took that sucker away. 

Isn't my moo-moo so ...slimming? 

On Halloween, my favorite cupcake place (Sweet Tooth Fairy) was giving away a free cupcake to anyone who came in dressed up! HELLO! Michaela joined in on the fun as the big bad wolf.

Annnddd lastly, we took a stab at trick-or-treating. We knew there was an 80/20 chance Jillian would hate it and cry a lot. Statistics did not disappoint. We made it to two doors, but through lots of piles of leaves!

My favorite part of the night was that it was Michaela's first time passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. That's what happens when you grow up in the country y'all. The first time the door bell rang she panicked, "What do I do? What do I SAY?!" 
Ohhh Michaela. Haha. Needless to say she got the hang of it pretty quick. 

Until next year! (Stay tuned...maybe James will progress to tights!)

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