a day at the farmer's market

Fall is my absolute most favorite time of year. Especially now that I know what fall IS...growing up in Florida, "fall" just meant it was slightly less humid and maybe even a little less hot. But here it is delicious.
Thursday afternoon Jillian, Mich, and I decided to check out the Provo Farmer's Market. They just started it this year as far as I know. 

So $20 bucks later, we left with 2 pumpkins, 2 giant cucumbers, 2 acorn squash, 4 carrots, 7 peaches, 8 pears, raspberry honey butter, and fresh mango salsa.

I also tasted the most delicious grilled hummus & pita bread that I will most definitely be making this week.

Farmer's market = success!

Bring on the boots, scarves, pumpkin bread, and soup!

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