That time of year again! Time to celebrate the fact James and I have made it through another year, a functioning couple. Haha. That makes it sound awful. Marriage is the exact opposite (of awful). It's not easy though. Even if you love the person more than you can stand, it's not easy. It's crazy to me how much I've learned in the last four years about what that word means, and about myself. So what's made it a little easier? Mostly getting over yourself and realizing the world doesn't revolve around you. That right there will solve 90% of any disagreement you have. The other 10% probably requires some sort of chocolate and graveling.

To celebrate, James sent me flowers on Thursday (our actual anniversary) and I sent him this nifty little video while he was at work and then took him the best donuts in Utah Valley for breakfast (Daylight Donuts anyone?). Did you know traditionally four years is the anniversary to give a gift of silk or from the modern list- appliances. Well, I don't think James would appreciate anything silk, and appliances? That's...romantic?


Today my beautiful, amazing sister (who has decided she's going on a church mission...wha?!?) came over to watch Jillian and we went a got a massage, which is apparently our new anniversary "thing". It's a good thing to have. Michaela thought it was totally weird..."Couples massage? Are you like in the same room?....Weird..." Haha. Not weird. Awesome. Except for the fact that James had a Helga and I had a tiny little Hispanic thing. He left with bruises and I left..disappointed. Oh well. Then we pigged out at Olive Garden (I was totally craving it). Their pumpkin cheesecake by the way? Fantastic.

Here's to another year! I think it's funny how opposite James and I really are. I guess the whole "opposites attract" notion is a legit thing. It works for us! 

James had so much more hair then ;-)

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