jillian's shenanigans

Lately Jillian is hilarious. She's starting to talk WAY more and says words that actually make sense. And sometimes she'll just look at you and babble then pause expecting a response. These are her latest shenanigans: 

1) James made her a blanket cape. She thought it was awesome. 2) Who needs a baby doll to push around when you can push all your foam letters? 3) Makeshift hat. She did it herself. 4) Books, book, and more books. 5) Sorting cards in my wallet- keeps her entertained forever. 6) Boxcar child. 7) Alfie's turn to ride in the box. 8) Action shot. 9) Cuddling with new friends mid bookstore. 

She definitely keeps us laughing. Her latest favorite things is playing on the iPad. She will literally come up to during the day and start saying, "iPah..iPah...pwease!" How can you turn THAT down? I'm amazed at how well she can get around that thing. She can turn it on, unlock the screen, go to her apps folder, and can go in and out of different apps- baby GENIUS I tell you. 

I captured this the other day when she was playing on a new app. She also learned the word "whoa":

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