It happened...

So I was going about my nightly routine, nothing out of the ordinary...it was about 7:00 and James was putting Jillian down for the night. I was upstairs putting leftover dinner in Tupperware containers, wiping down the counters, taking various things back downstairs and some things back upstairs, rotating the last load of laundry, etc. There was a cookbook opened up on the counter opened up to a stained recipe for banana bread that I was eagerly awaiting to make once everything else was done. And then it hit me...

I have become my mother.

I remember growing up and watching my mom do this very same thing. Going from room to room, moving endless piles to various places, cleaning the kitchen, (because "I just can't go to bed with a dirty kitchen") and going through the upcoming week's schedule with us. And all of us would usually be sitting at the bar in the kitchen eating something, or on the couch watching a movie, or on the computer. It never occurred to me then, "Hey, she looks pretty busy zooming from place to place, why don't you go see what she needs help with?"

It didn't occur to me until I was doing the exact same thing, complaining about it in my mind. I wonder if she had those thoughts as we left bits of cereal flakes on her freshly wiped surfaces? I've never heard my mom complain about ANYTHING.

So maybe I haven't become her yet...but it's a noble work in progress.


And on a COMPLETELY unrelated note due to my compulsive need for everyone to see how adorable my child is.. Jillian was looking supa' fly for church today :-)

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  1. Oh this picture kills me. She is adorable!!! I think pink is her color :)

    Excited to see her tomorrow!


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