Piercings/mama drama/dump cake

First of all...it took me a good minute and a half to know how to spell "pierce." Not because I'm an idiot (well, probably not), but I had to recite that dumb little saying "i before e except after c"...I even googled it to make sure. Yikes...

Ahem. Lately I've been thinking about Jillian's lobes. Earlobes that is. Do I get them pierced? Do I not? Blergh. It's a constant moral debate in my mind. I think they look adorable...however, it breaks my heart to think of her hanging out being all happy one minute, then screaming in pain because a needle just went through her ear, because I wanted her to look adorable! That makes no sense. Maybe I just made up my mind. Girl has had quite enough pain in her short little life already, no need to make it worse on purpose. 

Well. That was a relatively easy decision. 

In other news, I am NOT looking forward to this week. Why? Parent-teacher conferences. Although it does explain a LOT about a kid once you meet their parents...hopefully Jillian's teacher, or any of my kid's teachers for that matter, will never meet me and think, "Ohhhh....THAT's why she acts like that." Because that most definitely has happened to me. Not to mention, they last until 8pm. Mind you, I get to school at 8 am. That's a 12 hour day folks. =gross. (That's the main reason for my complaining).

But once this week is over, only a two day week next week and then a 3 day break for Thanksgiving! Sssooooo ready for a break. Before I got pregnant (and throughout my pregnancy) I always thought going back to work would be easy after having a baby. After all, I loved my job. It didn't even feel like "work." When people would ask me if I was staying home after she was born I would say no and explain why, and that it was okay because I'd be okay with it, teaching was wonderful, etc. etc. 

Well. Something changed. I HATE when this happens. Mostly because I hate proving myself wrong. I'm reminded I still have a lot of learning to do as a person. Don't get me wrong though, after all her drama the first two months I was SO ready to go back to school, that it was actually a welcomed break. But now? Now that she smiles the biggest gummy grin as soon as she sees me in the morning...and her coos are more like hums...and she studies her hands like they're the coolest thing she's ever seen...and blows spit bubbles...and grabs her toys and chews on them...and she ROLLS OVER (new as of today!)...yeah...it's hard. 

Weekends are my saving grace. I feel like I get to be her MOM. The rest of the week I feel like her nighttime babysitter. I completely get it now why working moms would tell me they cried every day on their way to work after dropping off their babies. I get it. And I don't think you can until you've been there, because clearly I didn't.

I didn't use to envy stay-at-home moms...now I'm insanely jealous. 

(Hopefully next year I'll be able to teach e-school (online) which will drastically increase the time I get to spend at home...I'll keep you posted.)

And because I eat my feelings, I made this amazing dessert today...so perfect for fall. (I don't really eat my feelings by the way-I think...I just needed a transition).

Pumpkin dump cake. It's like pumpkin pie meets pecan pie meets a souffle. Fantastic. Make it. Love it. Then go work out, cause you'll need it.

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  1. Ughh. This made me bawl like a baby. I read part of it to Kyle (and cried again) and he was like, "Why are YOU crying?" :) While I normally blame my hormones, I think it's because I'm the one that gets her during the day and it makes me sad to know that you're sad. I miss her on the weekends and of course my love for her isn't the same as yours so I obviously don't understand. But I can imagine that it is extremely hard, and I'm really sorry :(


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