A non-weekend weekend

Things I expected this weekend: to spend lots of time with Jillian, that some parts of Breaking Dawn would be horribly cheesy, that the laundry would get washed, but none of it get folded. Things I didn't expect this weekend: lack of sleep, snow, and one (almost two) trips to the ER with James.

Friday night I went to see Breaking Dawn with the Wardell clan, some of their friends, and Kristen. The movie started at 9:30, but they got in line at like 7:30!! The line went aaaallll the way down the hallway...crazy...The movie wasn't too bad. I kind of liked it actually (guilty). Really graphic on some parts (like seriously, did you HAVE to show her like breaking her back? Gross.) After we got out of the movie, we walked out of the theater to SNOW. Tons and TONS of it. I had to drive like 40 mph on the interstate on the way home, so I didn't get back until midnight. Then I got up at 2am to feed Jillian. Then got back up at 5am with James who was going on day 3 of a migraine (nnnoo fun). 

I've never gotten a migraine, but I definitely don't ever want one. Seeings James' reaction to them is enough for me. He gets a bad one every few months, but they're usually gone within a day. During the day Saturday he slept a lot/was in a pain a lot, so I got to hang out with Jillian, video chat with my mom, make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, clean the house a little- it was way nice to just be able to chill.

Finally Saturday night, James had had enough. He was like literally screaming in pain. I called my Dad to see if it was worth going into the hospital for...he said definitely. After calling like a billion people who didn't answer their phones to come watch Jillian while we went, fortunately Paul (James' cousin) came over and put her to sleep so we could go to the ER.

We got in right away, which was nice. They started an IV on James and gave him the "migraine protocol cocktail of medicines". One of the meds was Benadryl...weird, no? Then he got a CT scan to check for scary things (brain tumors and what not). The results came back all clear, so that was good. They gave us the name and number of a Neurologist to make an appointment with. He finished up his meds, got super loopy and tired, and they let us go home. So in total we were only there for about 3 hours. 

When we got home, we both went straight to sleep. Only to be awakened around 6am with yet another wave of migraines coming on. I called my Dad again and he said to take him back (in his opinion, they should've given him a spinal tap the first time we were there and sent him home with a prescription, but they didn't do either). We packed up Jillian to drop her off at Kristen's house (aka the very best babysitter and friend EVER). But when we were a few minutes away, his pain totally went away. So we decided not to go back to the ER. We still dropped Jillian off so we could go back home and get some much needed Zzz's. Then I picked her back up around noon.

Things I'm thankful for: 

Health Insurance
People who will help you at a moment's notice (thanks Kristen and Paul!)
A healthy, happy baby
A non-tumor stricken husband

And Monday is already tomorrow? I am SO ready for Thanksgiving break.

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