Dear Jillian (4 months)

Dear Jillian,

Stop it. Stop it right now! I demand you stay small and cute and cuddly forever, so stop growing so FAST! Seriously though kid, you're like a weed. An adorable weed that smells good (most of the time, that is). You're getting so tall! Your 4 month appointment isn't for another week and a half, so I'm not sure how tall, but I can tell you're tall. You don't outgrow your clothes because of chubbiness, but because of length! If you end up being like 6 feet tall and can't ever wear high heels because you don't want to be taller than most of the boys around you, blame your dad's side of the family.

You are starting to do some of the CUTEST things. I know I say that like every month, but it's true! Lately you've started sucking on your bottom lip when you're hungry, or purse your lips. You also like to blow spit bubbles and you drool a LOT. Probably unnaturally a lot. 

A lot of the time you "coo" with your mouth closed, so it sounds like you're humming. Sometimes out of nowhere you let out a giant shriek of excitement, and it startles you (and all of us really). 

You LAUGH! Not just giggle...but LAUGH! Your tickle spots are right under your neck rolls and your thighs. Recently, you just started laughing without even being tickled. My favorite thing to do is to start laughing at you, then you start laughing, then I'm laughing because you're laughing, and it just goes on. Sometimes instead of laughing when we make a ridiculous face or noise at you, you smile from ear to ear. Literally. Your entire mouth is wide open. It's heart-melting.

You also are WAY into your toys now. You consciously grab and bat at them. When you do grab them, they go straight to your awaiting mouth. But then when your rubbery little gums get around whatever is in your hand, you make a face like you're eating the most disgusting thing you've ever tasted (which is ironic, considering the way your formula smells and how you gulp that stuff down). 

Lately you do this funny thing where you have a stare down with your hands. You'll usually have one hand in your mouth, and the other one held out in front of your face, with your fingers spread. It's like you've never seen anything so intriguing. 

You also grab your binky when it's in your mouth and usually rip it out, and try to put it back in (unsuccessfully of course). So you often end up sucking ferociously on a combination of the plastic part of the binky and your fingers. One day your coordination will catch up.

You roll over! (from tummy to back). Good thing you've learned too, because you HATE being on your tummy most of the time, so as soon as I put you on your belly, you plop right over to your back. I can tell you want to roll the other way too though, because when you're on your back you can roll as far as to your side. It's coming, I'm sure. I also can't put you on your tummy up on your Boppy anymore, because you just launch yourself right over the front of it. 

You're starting to learn to hold your own bottle! Most of the time you have to have your hands somewhere on it, or all over your face. If we put them in the right spot for you though, you can hold it for about 5 or 6 seconds! 

You still wake up once in the night to eat. I almost don't mind though, I like the extra time with you. I feel like I don't get enough. I guess you can keep growing as long as you keep doing adorable things. I'm already dreading the day when you think I'm the most uncool, unfair, and old-fashioned person in the world. I'll probably call my mom to ask for advice and she'll probably just laugh and tell me how I did the same thing when I was your age. 

I just hope you'll grow up to be wise. That you'll understand how much you're loved (even when I tell you that you can't go out with that boy, or your dad tells you you're not leaving the house in that outfit). That you'll aspire to do things, and to be things. That you'll be a good friend and a righteous example. That you'll believe in yourself and believe that you are worth something, everything. And that you'll believe me when I say, "I understand where you're coming from- I was young once too!"

For now I'll just revel in the fact that you think I'm the funniest, best person ever. 

You're sure growin' on me kid.


"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

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