Goodbye November

That went by fast, no? I love it when that happens. Especially when December is my all time FAVORITE month of the year. Not for the weather, mind you, but because of all of the holiday traditions. Speaking of which, I did something against my moral standings...this year we put up our Christmas tree on like the 27th (of November). I'm very anti-Christmas until December 1st, but this year I was just way too excited. I think because it's Jillian's first Christmas...not like she'll have ANY idea of what's going on, but I'm still giddy thinking about the little goodies in her stocking. 

November was good though. Thanksgiving break was everything I needed and more. I loved getting to stay home for 5 days straight! It made me feel a little more sane and put together. 

Thanksgiving wasn't so bad either. It was fairly low key this year (not complaining). James' brothers and mom came over to our house and we stuffed ourselves silly. I tried my hand at a pumpkin cheesecake..

To say it was a success would be an understatement (Paula Dean is a-ma-zing).

We also decided to do a little Black Friday shopping. Not crazy 4am kind of shopping, we're not those kind of people...we decided to peruse the mall around 2pm for a bit. It was pretty busy, but all the shopping nuts were already home. Jillian LOVED it. She loved looking at all of the people and was a happy camper the entire time.

So on to the next. There are THREE WEEKS until Christmas break (but who's counting?). We fly out to Florida on the 22nd. And I could not be more excited!!!

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