It's the thought that counts..right?

Here's what happens when you have a 3 month old and try to plan Halloween activities:

1. You plan on going to the church Halloween "trunk or treat" party, but it starts at 6 and your baby likes to go to bed at 7. So you dress in her costume anyway, but she decides to fall asleep and you know if you take her she'll inevitably wake up and be cranky. So you decide not to go and let her sleep in her costume for a couple hours.

2. You plan to carve pumpkins on Saturday, and your baby lasts the first 5 minutes and then wants to go to sleep, so you and your husband end up taking turns carving the pumpkin and bouncing the baby to sleep.

3. On Halloween you decide you should at least put her in her costume to snap a quick picture, after all it IS her first Halloween...but she starts acting tired MUCH earlier than usual and you know it's not worth fighting for.

4. At least you figure you can pass out candy to trick-or-treaters and maybe watch a Halloween movie with your hubby, but then he falls asleep on the couch at like 8, leaving you to blog and watch Casper the Friendly Ghost on the Family Channel, with a bowl of left over Halloween candy dangerously close.

Haha. Oh well. We did manage to get some pictures.

I personally LOVE Halloween. As a teacher it's friggin' exhausting...but it's still fun. Lately I've even been getting "freaked out" a little more than normal. I think it all started with a spooky dream I had that felt ridiculously real.

(So in my dream I was recording something Jillian was doing, but I was in the shot with her, so the camera was like on the table or something pointed towards us. Later I wanted to show my mom what Jillian was doing on the video, so I showed her and while showing her, a floating black ghost/grim reaper type thing was floating behind me STARING at me in the video! I didn't see it until I was watching the play back with my mom. JEEPERS CREEPERS!)

Then that reminded me (for some reason) of this thing Ryan, my older brother, wrote on the back of his door when we moved into our house in Lake Butler after it was just built...

"12 to 1 is the time of the dead..."

I think he got it from a movie or something? For weeks if I woke up during that hour I would lay there and be freaked out of my MIND. Thanks Ryan. Thanks for that. That dream reminded me of that, and I got equally as freaked out the other night when I had to wake up and feed Jillian in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm a mega scaredy-cat, basically.

Happy Halloween. :-)

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