Dear Jillian (3 months!)

Dear Jillian,

Didn't I just write your 2 month post? I'm pretty sure that was like, last week. Craziness...you are GROWING! Your little body doesn't slump anymore when you're picked up, you're getting stalky enough to hold your shape! You're still definitely not as chunky as some other kids your age, but you're gettin' there. You make up for it with your multiple chins.

But I look at some of your newborn clothes and think, no WAY you were THAT tiny!! You were.
You seem to be learning a lot. I'm pretty sure you're going to be a genius, because you're so interested in everything around you. You get bored easily, so I have to switch up what you're looking at/playing with frequently.

You also make these adorable coo sounds! And you GIGGLE!! Kristen put a video of you giggling up on her blog.. http://kyleandkristenhaskell.blogspot.com/2011/10/jillian.html You're pretty lucky to have such a great babysitter!!

Your favorite toy: hanging butterflies on your bouncy seat
Favorite song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Favorite position: On Daddy's chest, laying across Mom with your head buried in my elbow/arm
Tickle spot: Under your chin
Favorite way to go to sleep: being bounced or in your stroller on a walk

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to sit up on your own fairly soon. It's just a matter of balance. You can hold your head up well enough to sit up in your Bumbo seat, and anytime you're laying down propped up you try soo hard to pull up with your tummy muscles! Today you were laying propped up on your tummy on your Boppy pillow, and you were kicking your legs so hard you pushed yourself right over your pillow and face planted! You didn't like that much...but you definitely have some strong leg muscles! You can even stand! (with assistance of course).

Right now you're going through your 12 week growth spurt, so just like the books say, you're not napping super well, and you're only snacking during the day, but chugging 6 oz at night. Hopefully that won't last too much longer. :-) Your reflux stuff is going really well! (Yay!) We have your medicine schedule down pat, and you've been doing super well on this formula (Alimentum). So last night we decided to switch back one closer to regular formula, just a sensitive kind. We'll see how it goes!

You have lots of shoes. It's okay..you're a girl. Apparently I bought/received way too many 0-3 month size shoes. So even if we're not going anywhere, I feel like you have to wear an outfit and shoes every day. You also have a ridiculous number of hair bows. I'm pretty sure you're set until you're at least 3 years old...but I have a compulsive need to always look at them any time we're in the store, so I'm sure your collection will just continue to grow.

All in all, you are stinkin' CUTE and you have the sweetest little personality! Thank you for finally acting like a little human being!! (Even though you still have your diva moments...) We couldn't be more in love with you!


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