Happier times ahead

IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! (3 months early, but still) I'll TAKE IT!

Jillian's medicine is working FABULOUSLY. NO barfing, NO reflux, all in all, one HAPPY BABY. She really is like a totally different kid. We're in the process of going back through the formulas in reverse this time (from most expensive/best for babies with food allergies to least expensive/regular formula) to see if she can tolerate those again (meaning she doesn't and never did have a food allergy if she can make it back to regular formula, if she can't, then she also has a food allergy in addition to reflux).

All of this equals one happy ME. It's so relieving to finally see the silver lining. I know we're not completely out of the woods yet, and she's bound to have episodes or bad days, but at least she'll have plenty of good days to balance out the bad!

Shout out to our AMAZING pediatrician Dr. Kendall. I seriously would recommend her to anybody...I feel like she cares about Jillian as much as I do, which has been my saving grace in all of this with her.

All smiles here folks. All smiles.

(She LOVES her baths now):

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  1. This is the best post! So happy for ALL of you! Jillian is looking great. Her cheeks are absolutely delicious. She is the perfect balance of Houlin and Shannon. What a beauty!


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