Legend of Zelda boots

I was recently asked by my adorable sister about what to buy this fall to be all trendy. I have the perfect answer (I spend way too much time on Pinterest gathering ideas for way too many things). I gave it to her. Then I looked in my closet, and thought, "Where are all the cute clothes I thought I had?" Ohhhhhh. I know. Two sizes back, from my pre-prego days.

Although, and wouldn't you like to know, I can fit into my first pair of jeans! ...well...almost...I can zip/button them, but I still have a little somethin' somethin' hanging over the top. Solution? Don't button them...no one will know... I found this out after I ransacked my closet and tried on literally every pair of jeans I own (I realized I have way too many pairs of jeans). These were the magical pair. I'll leave out the fact that they're somewhat of a stretchy jean material...hey, jeans are jeans.

SO, when this kangaroo style pooch of mine turns into a more acceptable level of post-baby flab, I plan on buying some new clothes. A lot of them, actually. James has been mentally prepped on the damage that might occur to our bank account.

I grew a child, then birthed it. I deserve it.

Here's what I'm thinking: sweaters, belts, boots, scarves.

I also like stripes, if you couldn't tell...I'm sure Stacy and Clinton would give that a big NO-GO given my current enlarged mid-section...but then again if somebody submits me to What Not to Wear and I get a $5,000 shopping spree...I won't complain.

James calls these boots "Legend of Zelda boots". Last year I thought they were hideous, and we frequently made fun of the people who wore them. This year I might actually buy a pair. What can I say...I am a product of the success of advertisement and peer pressure.

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