Edible arrangements...best..idea..EVER

Wow. Second graders. The first day one little cutie came up and asked me if I could tie his shoes. I asked him if he couldn't and he said no, so I shrugged and got down on my knees and tied his spider man shoes. But it didn't really hit me that I was IN second grade when he wasn't the only one to ask...EVERY one asks...I've tied sooo many pairs of shoes this week- none of which were my own. :-) But they are ADORABLE. They want to do everything so right and they want to impress you so much (thank you for that!). And yes, we practiced walking down the hallway with our arms folded!

But they are sort of exhausting. It takes energy to be that cheesy for that long...so I've gone to bed around 9:30 every night this week- LOVE that.

It's also become a tradition that my parents send me something the first week of school. This year it was an edible fruit basket. Is there anything better than a giant bouquet of fruit, half of which is dipped in chocolate? No.

That's pretty much all that has happened this week...school, school, school. I'm feeling pretty ready for the weekend though...

OH. Random. There's a John Mayer/Owl City concert on Tuesday and there's a package deal where you can get 4 tickets for $90...but we need two more people to come...so if you wanna, lemme know :-)

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