Jack Johnson concert...need I say more?

Okay well I will anyway...AMAZING. Not only the music! I love that he actually like interacted with the crowd and such (talked to everybody, told stories, kicked a beach ball off the stage the crowd was throwing around). I was a little surprised at two things though 1) how many 40+ yr. olds were there and 2) how many 10 yr olds and below were there..kind of a lot of both..didn't change how awesome it was though. He played a lot of songs with like a different beat or rhythm (I just tried like 5 times to spell r-h-y-t-h-m and still had to resort to a right click..yikes..), which was neat-o. I still have to get his new album To the Sea.

Afterward, Aleksi, Shanti, and myself went to Ihop and got breakfast. Ihop has some freaking delicious french toast (usually I get the pancakes). All in all, it was a perfect night!

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