"I like hores"

This whole transition from 4th to 2nd grade this year is really throwing me for a loop. I did one of my cohorts (for those of you not in the teaching world that's the month long "in class" experience you do during the school semester for your classes) in 2nd grade but that seems like forever ago..I just remembered they cried a lot. I don't do crying. And I don't do peeing. I mean I pee, but not in my pants...which is where I think me and the second graders might differ.

Everything's also a lots smaller in second grade...little desks, little chairs. But some other things are definitely a lot bigger...lines on writing paper, font size, picture books, and general enthusiasm towards learning.

All in all I'm pretty excited to see what it will be like, I just have to finish getting everything ready (which is the stressful part). Blllaaaahhh. It's that feeling where you get stuff accomplished everyday but then you look around and feel like comparatively you actually did nothing.

They also do pretty hilarious things...like this:

I can't decide what line is my favorite...either "hores have other hore friends" or "My dad wants a hores but my mom says no." hahah!!! So funny and ADORABLE!

Last year I had a students with AWFUL handwriting who wrote something ( I can't even remember the word now) but it looked JUST like the F word. And the funniest part is I didn't even notice until I shared that writing piece with his Mom and we both got to that part and started dying laughing.


  1. "You wouldn't think they could but they can put thir legs strait up."

    I. AM. DYING! That is so hilarious Whitney!!

  2. I seriously pee'd laughing...in my pants...I now have something in common with your kids


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