On the road AGAIN

Florida is hot hot HOT! Differences between Florida hot and Utah hot: More people have swimming pools or beach front access in Florida than in Utah, so it's easier to cool down because of immediate proximity and access to a water source. When the wind blows in Florida, it's refreshing and doesn't feel like a blow dryer in your face. There is an actual temperature difference between shady spots and non shady spots in Florida, whereas in Utah it all feels the same- hot. People have A/C units in Florida, not just swamp coolers (A/C is much more effective..trust me..I own a swamp cooler). Moral of the story, although Florida is humid, it's still better than the heat of the blasted desert. The end.

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!! Number TWO that is...I've gone a lot of miles in this trip...quite a lot...Monday I flew to St. Louis where my family drove up from FL and picked me up and headed on to Nauvoo to spend 3 days there with Shanti. Then we made the 18 hour car trip back where we nearly DIED of a close encounter with a Tornado and other treacherous weather. Seriously, we were somewhere in Illinois (tornado country!) in the evening time and it starts to DOWN POUR. Then comes the wind. Horizontal wind. Add a CRAP LOAD of lightning and there we were. I'm on tornado look out, Albert and Spencer are laughing at how scared I am, my Mom's trying to calm me down, and my Aunt Cheri decides to tell all sorts of tornado stories from her youth living in Oklahoma. IN the middle of nowhere, couldn't see 5 feet in front of us, alone on some back country road. We finally found a gas station and pulled over until the worst of it passed, but seriously I was like making it right with the big man upstairs because I was for certain we would get sucked up by some crazy tornado or a cow would come flying through our windshield. FUH-REAKY!!!!!!

Oh, so on to car trip number two. I was supposed to fly back to Utah tonight, but due to some car arrangements and my new found fear of flying (true story, not really sure where it came from because I used to LOVE flying..not so much anymore.) I think I've read about one too many plane crash stories lately. Anyway, now we're making the 36 hour trek back to Utah in the CAR. Aye aye aye. The plan is to leave at 4am tomorrow morning, so we can make it back to Utah around 4pm Wednesday afternoon. I think I need a nap just thinking about it. It's crazy how you can get so tired just from sitting in a car...Pictures of Nauvoo to come..unfortunately my new Mac for school doesn't have one of those nifty little SD slots for my memory card from my camera (seems a bit old school in that way?) But for some reason the other cable isn't working to hook it up to this computer. Ah well.

Hopefully I make it back to Utah Wednesday tornado (and cow) free.

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  1. Well, I am glad that you are ALIVE!

    Weird/ true story:
    I had a dream about you last night! You and Mic were visiting Vicki and for some reason I was still living there. I think that the dream supposedly took place while I was still in high school? But we lived in like an apartment in NY that was in a skyscraper building with modern furniture... Random are the things you remember in a dream...

    Perhaps I miss you two girls?!


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