LASER TAG is my new favorite thing

In reverse chronological order for no particular reason..LASER TAG IS AWESOME. I played once before when I was like 15, so I hardly remembered it, but last night we went with the fam to Jack and Jill's in Lehi. I felt like I was living in a video game...it was a two story obstacle thing with like fog machines, and extremely legit video game music. I was SO tired when we were done from running the whole time. Now as far as scores go, I totally sucked..I came in 6th place (and there were seven of us)...but to my advantage 1) I didn't know I was being snyped the first half of the game from the second story and 2) I didn't realize Albert was running behind me shooting me in the back for a good two minutes. NOT fair. Definitely going to do that again though. Next week anyone? We also went bowling there and my ridiculously talented husband scored a 192!! He opened the game with 4 straight strikes...like I said...ridiculous...I busted out with an 88- watch out. (but it was my highest score EVER).

Then everyone started getting a little crazy with their bowling "stance"...

So I made it back to Utah after a blessed 32 hours in the car, two CRAZY lightening storms (that were so bad the GPS and my cell phone went out--talk about feeling stranded). I've decided I never want to live in the central states...really Utah is as far "in" as I'm willing to go...too much crazy weather and I'm kind of a pansy when it comes to that crap. Me and my Mom drove the whole way..blaaaahhhh..definitely suffered from TB's (tired buns). But now I'm back and have so much to do I can't think of everything at once or smoke starts coming out of my ears...school starts in two weeks...SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO WEEKS.

On the bright side: I'm getting my hair done this week AND going to see Jack Johnson with Aleksi :-) So I'd say this summer has checked out to be pretty FREAKING AWESOME.


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