Fat pants

Something is psychologically built into me that triggers a sweet tooth after dinner...always...not sweet tooth for candy, but sweet tooth for honest to goodness I-can't-believe-it-has-this-much-butter desserts. AH! Now usually this isn't a big deal for the waistline, because my 5-7 hours a week at the gym and Zumba takes care of it and I usually even back out at 0, but seeing as how my gym has been closed for "summer maintenance" for two weeks and my Zumba instructor has been on vacation....I'm SCREWED.

It really sucks when your fat pants feel too snug....where do you go from there? What pants do I resort to? I'm not buying bigger pants. So it's settled then, time to kick it back into gear. I think I have to wean myself off of chocolate/ice cream/cookies/brownies and the like. So I'm thinking maybe I'll only eat something sweet 3 days a week (baby steps here people), then I'll go to two, then one. I think cutting sweets out of your diet completely is just stupid. And unfair, so I'll just get down to one a week and call it good :-) I think my second biggest down fall is CARBS. I did the whole low-carb thing in high school, and it totally works! It just sucks. So with carbs I'm just going to avoid anything white (white bread, pasta, rice, etc.).

Watch, with my luck and trying to losing a few lb's I'll get prego asap and then what the hey- bring on the big pants. At least maternity clothes are cute these days.

On another note...I'm SO ready for my regular fall TV shows to start again...I've resorted to all kinds of stupid shows about quintuplets and cupcakes. Aye aye aye, no wonder I feel like I've gained weight! haha!

And last...10 things I've learned from second graders:

1. Picking your nose is socially acceptable when everyone else around you does it.
2. If you don't know how to tie your shoes, ask anyone taller than you. They probably know.
3. Hold your bladder until the very last minute until you have to go so bad your eyes are yellow and no matter WHAT is going on during class, your teacher will always let you go to the bathroom to avoid an accident.
4. Never assume they already know how to do something.
5. Never correct spelling mistakes...it inevitably leads to something unintentionally hilarious. (See "I like hores" post).
6. Honesty is the best policy.
7. If they start asking what time lunch is at 10:00, it's going to be a rough day.
8. Tattle. Especially on people who are doing something you'd never do.
9. Things are rarely fair.
10. The attention span of a second grader and a gnat are extremely similar.

:-) Love my job.

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