You thought you knew a good smore....

Okay so the weekend actually didn't turn out too bad. It was actually pretty good. I DID get to eat some pizza (from Pizza 712- ohmygoshgood-highly recommended. James says it's actually the closest he's had to pizza from Italy so far). I also finished Mockingjay...ah!!! Sooo good. My favorite part was the last line- "There are always worse games to play." What a perfect ending! I hear some people didn't like it. Mmm. False. If you haven't heard of them, totally invest. Especially if you're into political fiction with a twist of romance. It's the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I've also heard that the books Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras are good if you liked The Hunger Games, so those are already on reserve at the library ((score!)). I used to hate reading...I used to never meet my AR reading goal in school...that bit comes in handy when I have kids who say they hate reading, because I can relate. I hate ready sucky books is more accurate now. Or textbooks. But aren't those the same thing? Sucky..textbooks...yeah I think they're actually synonyms.

We also went with the crew up to American Fork canyon and cooked out/made smores/was paranoid about a potential bear attack. ...the last part was totally just me. It was pitch FREAKING black all around us except for our little fire, up in the mountains...yeah...definitely a potential scary movie waiting to happen.

THANK YOU SARAH for introducing me to the best smore ever- ditch the Hershey bar and grab a Reese cup! HOLY CRAP amazing!

Looking at that nearly horrific picture of myself reminds me...I REALLY hate breaking out. My chin is my problem area. Then, going on birth control when I got married was the BEST thing that ever happened to my face. Like one pimple every 4 months- maybe. But now that I've been off for a year, (I'm fairly sure that's common knowledge among everyone, don't act surprised) it's like pimple city all over again. Juuuuust on the chin. So I guess it really could be worse, but darn it all, it makes me want to take birth control again solely for that reason!

Well, since it's Monday, it reminds me of two things- 1) I ate a LOT of crap over the weekend, thus I need to go get ready for Zumba and 2) tomorrow is an early out day at school---holla!!!


  1. you're blog is so cute whitney! is your title from a guster song? if so, i love that song, if not, i still love that song and you should check it out.

    sounds like life is great, i haven't seen you in years!

  2. It totally IS from a Guster song!! haha. You're the first one to ever ask that. Consider yourself a music guru.


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