I survived this week. How did that happen??? I'm still trying to figure it out. You know it's going to be a rough week when you swear that Tuesday is Thursday, and half of the week you wake up with a headache and other feminine pains. All in all, thank GOODNESS it's over. I'm not sure I could handle another day.

What do I want to do this weekend? Shop at Charlotte Russe (haven't been there in WAY too long), eat pizza, get a pedicure, finish Mockingjay (I think it's good so far? So I'm not sure where all the complaints are coming from...), watch some football, get a double chocolate chip frapp from Starbucks, and pray my house will clean itself.

What will I probably end up doing this weekend? Cleaning, watching more football than I probably want to, and folding an ENORMOUS pile of clothes on my floor. How did that pile get so high? I can't figure it out...probably somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday...that three day black hole of a stretch.

If my mood this week were portrayed by a sound, it would sound like this: bblleeeggghhhhkkkkaaaffccffhhk eeeefffffff.

Okay but I DO have some things to look forward to. I think. Like that movie coming out, Life as We Know It? Looks good. Also that movie about Facebook, whatever that's called. Although I read half of it is made up. Either way it seems entertaining. BBQ in the canyon on Saturday with the crew, meh...Optimism is annoying right now...

I also bought a pair of super cute CK jeans like a month ago, then I didn't work out for like two weeks and gained 7 lbs, remember that story? So yeah, I haven't been able to wear the new super cute jeans yet. That's depressing.

AND I just ran out of my favorite cereal. I don't feel like grocery shopping this weekend either.

Wow. I might go look for some cheese with all my WHINE. TGIF people, TGIF.

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