Why I married him...

FOR THE FOOD! Anytime you marry into a Latino/Italian family...there's bound to be some good cookin' goin' on! (Okay just kidding that's not really WHY I married James, it just happens to be a perk!)

We went to the Latino American festival yesterday in Provo. Needless to say I felt a little out of place. I wasn't the only pasty person there though. There were maybe...five other white people. Good times nonetheless. Although I really wanted to get my face painted, but James wouldn't let me. The highlight? THE FOOD. Okay, so that's really the reason we went. I've had some DANG GOOD Mexican, Cuban, Argentine, and Spanish food in my life, but these are my absolute favorites!

Empanadas (especially the ones made by my mother-in-law)

Tamales (especially the ones made by my school custodian)
Almost anything with Dulce de Leche

If you've never had any of those....get yourself to some sort of hispanic/latino restaurant STAT!

One of James' favorites is a sandwich de milanesa, which he is tackling here with such...finesse... :-p

James' family also thinks it's hilarious when I learn new words in Spanish, because then James tells them, and then I have to recite it in front of them. And then they laugh and say, "she's so cute!" When what they really mean is, "I can't believe how bad she just butchered that word!" Then they get someone else and say, "listen to Whitney say this word! Say it again!" And this has been going on for two years....They keep me humble (and thoroughly embarrassed!). Love 'em though!

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