san diego trip, part 3!

I finally got through all of the pictures on my camera from our trip! We spent our last day at the beach. That's really what spurred our vacation- I needed some shore. After growing up in Florida it's hard being so landlocked. Sometimes I when I look at Utah lake I squint my eyes and slightly cross them and it's ALMOST like I'm looking at the ocean. :-p

And believe it or not, all of the many times we've been back to Florida we've NEVER taken the girls to the beach! I know...sinful...

I think it was their favorite part of the whole vacation!

 ^This girl ate SO much sand despite our best efforts to teach her it was yucky. Her next few diapers were pretty gritty... haha!

 ^The water was FREEZING. Seriously, I don't know how Californians do anything with this water. For this reason Florida beaches WIN. :-p

 ^I know, I know...I'm pasty white. I gave up trying to be tan years ago and now fully embrace my paleness. 

 ^Mermaid tail!

 ^Olivia loved splashing in the frigid water! She was constantly crawling between our spot in the sand and the water. Once James wrapped her up in a towel and cuddled her she promptly fell asleep.

All in all it was SUCH a fun vacation! It was a little tricky getting used to all sleeping in the same hotel room- we pretty much had to tip toe around and whisper in the dark after the girls went to bed at 7pm. I totally understand the point of adjoining rooms now. 

Now I'm ready to enjoy the rest of our SUMMER!

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