a few kitchen updates

 I made a few kitchen updates last week, which completes the main floor transformation! The transformation that a couple of years ago I didn't even know would happen. DIY is a domino effect, I tell ya!
I am absolutely, 100% in love with open shelving. If I wasn't feeling somewhat lazy about this I would have taken down the whole cabinet and installed 3-4 shelves instead, but you know, laziness won. Happens. This also gave me a reason to by new dishes that actually match! (Which are from Ikea, by the way.)

I just took down the door and filled in the holes from the hinge screws. The background color is called "weather vane" by Valspar- it's the perfect gray with a touch of brown. I love that it gives the cabinet more depth and makes the white dishes pop!

I added a mail holder to the side of the cabinet because the paper pile problem on the counter is REAL. I found this one at Target for $15!
 I should probably add the word "less" after EAT. It's not like I need a reminder to eat...let's be honest.
My favorite addition is the light fixture. We swapped out the recessed light for a pendant light using this conversion kit from Amazon. And for only $14 that's a much cheaper option than any of the conversion kits I found at Lowes! The light fixture is also from Amazon here
We also removed the plastic paper towel holder from under the cabinet and I used plumbing pipe to make an industrial style holder on the other cabinet. It took about 5 minutes to assemble- you literally just twist the pieces together and I then screwed it into the cabinet. There's a good, quick explanation for the parts you need on this blog post here (though I used 3/4" in. pipe, not 1/2" like she did). 
And now some BEFORE before pictures:

(^Jillian was so tiny!)

Our main floor has made QUITE the transformation over the last couple of years! I found the pictures above before we made any changes. Since then I've painted the cabinets, walls, added back splash, upgraded our flooring and light fixtures, and stained/painted the stair banisters. WHEW. It was worth all of the effort!

Ahhh I'm so in love! It is incredibly fulfilling to dream up what you want your house to look like and then make it happen!  

Next on the list is the project that my sister has been begging me to start on for months now- the master bedroom! 
And I'm already overwhelmed with indecisiveness...more on that later. I'm gonna enjoy a few weeks off first. ;-)


  1. Would you mind telling me your paint color for the walls? The look awesome!!

    1. I wish I could! I couldn't find anything in Valspar that I loved, so I ended up mixing a few of the samples together to come up with a shade I liked and had Lowe's color match it for me and bought my concoction. If I did it again I'd probably use a Benjamin Moore shade of gray- I've seen some pretty ones floating around Pinterest!

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