san diego trip, part 2!

On day two of our vacation we took a ferry boat across the bay to Coronado Island. The beachy atmosphere of the island is so pretty against the cityscape of downtown San Diego! 

It was also James' birthday today! 30 freakin' years old!!! Holy smokes. He works 50 hours a week (which turns into 60 with commute time), is in grad school, and still finds time to be an amazing dad and husband. I don't know how I got so lucky!

 ^We rented a Surrey bike! And it was hard as crap! In my head I pictured us biking half way around the island...but then I realized how much strength it took from the both of us to get that thing going and we only made it 30 minutes. Oh well. It was still fun! Jillian was in charge of ringing the bell and took her job very seriously.

 ^After our bike ride we walked down to the beach and I showed Jillian how to fly a kite! She thought it was cool until she realized she could make sand angels. 

We also ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. James got to pick the place (his birthday!), and of course he picked somewhere showing the soccer game- haha!

It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day!

On day three we ate brunch at an AMAZING brunch spot in Del Mar called Snooze. Seriously...I got eggs benedict with prosciutto, some fancy cheese, cream cheese hollandaise and arugula atop toasted brioche with a balsamic glaze. HOLY CRAP.

In very related news, I'm pretty sure I gained 5 lbs this trip.

The fair was in town so we hit that up next! I grew up in a VERY small town, so the fairs I was used to were pretty small in comparison. The San Diego fair is actually the 4th largest in the country! We didn't even make it around to see everything. 

 ^Something in the air must have gotten to Jillian, because my otherwise timid and anxious toddler wanted to ride anything she could! I was so proud of her hopping on rides like it was nothing.
The only one she cried on was the water bumper boats, but understandably so because her boat was stuck in a spin and she didn't know how to drive it really. Haha, poor kid.

 ^Obligatory deep fried fair food. At one booth they had deep fried Slim Fast bars. Oh the irony.

We all ate way too much junk and kept the girls up way too late- but it was a blast!

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