father's day

Happy Father's Day!

I read a quote today that said "Dad's are ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of songs." 

That made me think of my own Dad and the elaborate stories he told us before bedtime about fairies and princesses and ponies, and the dumb songs he taught us (like "My Bonnie has Tuberculosis"- doctor humor). It's both weird and cool to have an adult relationship with your parents. I still ask my dad all sorts of questions, he still fixes stuff when he comes to my house, but I don't get in trouble for staying up too late, or I don't have to endure long, uncomfortable "raging hormone teenager" talks from my high school years. But he still asks us to "pull his finger". See? Weird and cool. It's good. I prefer this adult relationship thing.

But seriously, when it comes to dads- I have one of the best! As do MY girls. I'm sorta biased.

James sings songs, builds forts, plays soccer, and endless games of hide and seek, goes to Disney on Ice, buttons up dress ups, fills endless sippy cups and bottles, reads goodnight stories and finds the missing teddy bear- he's pretty good at what he does. All on top of working 10 hour days and staying up until midnight regularly to finish grad school homework.  

He has every reason to let some of those things slide, in the name of sleep or down time, but he doesn't. And if there's anything that tells you what kind of man he is, it's that right there. 

I'm so grateful my kids have the same kind of dad that I grew up with- funny, involved, invested, caring, kind, smart- the list could go on. 
To my dad and James, I love you both very much!

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