we have a pooper.

Remember how we I took on potty training over Christmas break? Well that happened and it was all well and good, except it was just that- potty training. No poops about it. I thought those things would kind of happen simultaneously...nooo.

 Jillian was still taking naps until a couple of weeks ago, so she'd wear a diaper during her nap and still wears one at night. She'd just tough it out until the diaper went on and 10 minutes after she'd be in bed I'd hear,
"Mooommmyyyy! Come change my buuuuummmmm!" 

I started reading blog post after internet forum after blog post about what to do when your kid is scared to poo in the toilet. Which, for the record, was one of those things I didn't know was like a "thing"...who is scared to poop? Why is that scary? 
I guess there have been times when it was scary for me...like the first time after you have a baby. That wasn't just scary, it was downright terrifying. Like, you cannot know the impending doom of that experience unless you too have been there. So maybe I relate a little...but I'd think once you realize what it feels like to not poo all over yourself anymore, you'd like, seek that sensation. 
Not Jillian. 

Anyway, so I tried some of the methods that others posted online. We talked about it a lot, I encouraged her, bribed her, tried to get her to sit on the toilet WITH a diaper and go, heavens I even showed her MY poo in the toilet ("See, mommy does it too!"), to which she said, "Good job mommy! I knew you could do it!". 
Nothing worked. 

There were a handful of times she went on the toilet because it was a do or die moment. All of those times happened when she was in the bathtub and it was gonna happen whether she wanted it to or not, so I plopped her on the toilet real fast.

When she stopped taking naps a couple of weeks ago, her whole poop schedule was thrown off. She would walk around the house with her knees bent, just pacing back and forth begging me for a diaper. It was uncomfortable to watch. But I figured if she had to go bad enough, she'd go in the toilet, right? So she'd go to the bathroom a billion times but stand up immediately after sitting down. I'd try to hold her hands and she'd cry and scream, I'd hug her and she'd scream and cry...it just wasn't happening. 

And then out of no where, she just did it. Voluntarily.
"Mommy I need to go poopies." 
Mmmhmm. Okie dokie. Let's go through this routine again. *eye roll*
We called everyone we knew. 

And now we have a pooper. 
And I have no "how to" advice on the subject. 
But apparently singing the ABC's helps...

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