the rest of easter

One day last week Jillian and I were driving home from the store and I was explaining that Easter was coming up in a few days. I told her how it was a special day to celebrate Jesus. She responded, "I like Jesus. I want to go see him soon." 
I thought this was cute and terrifying at the same time. 
"Uhhh, maybe in like 60+ years, k?" 
"Okay Mom." 
Haha... o_o

 I seriously can't believe we got that adorable pictures of her. ^^^
James in the background bribing her with a candy necklace totally worked!

 Love this crew! (And me rockin' the 37 week belly...so close...yet so far...).

That afternoon we went to Grandma & Dave's house for dinner and an egg hunt. Jillian was actually the only kid there (we're workin' on bringing more kiddos to that side of the family), but she still had fun hunting for eggs. Each time she found one she would exclaim, "Oh, LOOK!"

I think her favorite part was cracking/peeling them open. She actually ended up eating two of them, much to my surprise.

 We hope your Easter was spent with those you love! 

And seriously, if you haven't seen this video, watch it:

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