DIY cupcake stands

Making these cupcakes stands was another quick, easy, and fun detail from our Easter party. And seriously the best part is that they are about $2.00 each to make. Buying them ranges from about $6-$10 each. Winna' winna' chicken dinna'.

Here's what ya need:

Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton Balls
Candle stick holders
Candle plates 
White enamel paint
White paint+primer spray paint

I purchased the candle sticks from the dollar store, and the candle plates from Hobby Lobby at 50% off- hence their cheapness. Depending on your dollar store, you can probably also find the plates (or something close) at the dollar store as well.

Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying your glass pieces with soap and water. Clean them again with the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls and let them dry. 

Since candle plates have rims, decide if you want the rim to be face up or down- completely personal preference. 

I really wanted a paint that would adhere well to the glass and not chip easily, so I chose enamel. Paint with a coat of enamel paint and let it dry for several hours. Add another coat of enamel paint. Some enamel paints require baking after painting to set the paint, just check the paint instructions. Using a brush did give me some brush strokes, which I didn't mind showing (you could also use a sponge brush to help reduce brush strokes), but I did want any gaps in paint to be filled in so my glass was completely opaque- enter spray paint. 
Finish with 1-2 coats of a paint+primer all purpose spray paint. This helped give a more finished look and made the brush strokes less visible. 

If you want a completely smooth look, skip the enamel paint and brushes and go straight for the spray paint, knowing though you may have to do a bit more touching up the more they get used since the spray paint may chip off easier. Up to you, really. 

Once your glass pieces are completely dried, glue those suckers together. I just used good ole' hot glue- which dries SUPER fast on glass, so be precise with your placement since you won't be able to wiggle it really at all once it's stuck on. I'm sure there are better glues to use on glass, but so far mine have held together well without any problems and will be a quick fix if they come disconnected. 

Then WAH-LAH! Your super cute cupcake stands are done. 
Keep in mind the paint isn't food safe, so serve your tasties in cupcake holders or cut a circle of parchment paper and use that as a barrier between the food and the stand- which will also preserve the paint on the stands. 

Now serve your goodies in a super cute and super cheap way!

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