38 weeks...and feelin' it...

Remember how this whole pregnancy I've been all "Oh this is going by fast! It really hasn't been that bad!"
Which has been true.
Until now.

You reach this point of just being "done" and I most definitely have hit that point- like ran full-speed smack dab into the brick wall of "done". 

 I totally thought I was "normal" smiling for this picture, but then I looked at it and just thought, "Oh...my face says it all..."

It's a sad day when you sit on the couch and have to pee so bad, but you know all of the effort required to have to get up OFF the couch and then up OFF the toilet that you actually weigh the pros and cons of just sitting on the couch and peeing yourself (which you don't end up doing, because you realize that would only create more work in the long run) so you take a breath, count to three, hoist yourself off of the couch cushion and waddle to the bathroom just in the nick of time.

Let's not even get into the logistics of rolling over at night. 
Or bending over.
Or trying to shave your legs.
Or walking up a flight of stairs.

Fortunately, the finish line is in sight. SO CLOSE! We're being induced a week before my due date on May 6th.

But now that we're in the final, FINAL countdown...the reality of having TWO kids is starting to set in.
There are now two car seats in my car. 
There is a bassinet in my bedroom. 
During the day I will officially be outnumbered by little people. Which, I guess as an elementary school teacher I should be used to, but these are like, MY little people. I don't get to give them back at 3:30pm each day. Or...like, ever. 

There are so many things I'm confident about with already having one kiddo, so many things that won't be new. But having TWO kiddos is completely new, and it's a bit terrifying to think about at times. 

But, too late to turn back now! 
Guess we're in for a lot of "figuring out" together. 

To try to help keep us all sane this summer, we got Jillian an early, early birthday present that she can use in our backyard and *hopefully* be able to entertain herself well outside, if this new baby turns out to be a super needy one like her big sister. 
It probably took James 12-14 hours total to put it together- in between working 50 hours a week and being in grad school, mind you...
I love that man. 

Here's to hoping there are not only one, but TWO happy kiddos at our house in the near future (and a mostly sane mother!).

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  1. I seriously can't wait to see that cute baby. I wish you could take a giant nap and wake up on May 6th and that a fairy would come and finish everything on your to-do list in the meantime.


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