easter par-tay!

I've been itching to throw a party lately, so Easter seemed like a good idea. Seriously if I don't go to the party store every few months I start getting the shakes. ;-)
Plus I know once this tot is born I probably won't get out of my PJ's or brush my teeth for like a month, let alone be up to hosting anything but feeding marathons for a few months... 

So we had a few of Jillian's friends/cousins over for a little Easter get-together. 
Although Jillian was anything BUT a happy camper for the first bit, she settled into her bunny ears and joined the happy toddlers eventually. Good times...good times.

 I was trying to snap some quick pictures while the toddlers oohh so patiently waited to dig into those egg-shaped M and M's...serious kudos to them for that!

 One of my favorite details to put together were the bunny tails on the back of the chairs! Eek! 

 The grownup table was a smidgen more fancy...though I did kind of wish I also had strawberry milk with a stripey straw...

 The cupcake stands were a DIY project that turned out GREAT! Dollar store candle sticks and candle plates made for an awesome $2.50 little stand. More on that later.

For their lunches I used cookie cutters to make the bunny shape in the sandwich (which was PB&J with sprinkles...because...Easter?) and to make the carrot shaped cheese. For the baby carrots in terracotta pots I lined each with wax paper and filled it with hummus, which let's be honest- none of the kids ate- and made a little hole in the top with a toothpick to stick in the leafy top, which was a piece of cilantro.

I love Bentlee's "cheese" face! Haha. 
Jillian was pretty excited about the ducky on her straw. 
*Tip- if you ever do the peeps on the straw thing, use day-old stale peeps and use a plastic straw to poke the hole first before sliding the paper straw through. It makes the paper straw get less gooey from the marshmallow. 

And to wrap it up we dyed Easter eggs with Kool-Aid! It smelled pretty amazing...much better than the vinegar stuff, and the colors turned out so pretty! They even tried to drink it a couple of times...which, you know, no harm no foul.

Glad we could spend the afternoon with such cuties!
Happy Easter! 

Those gorgeous (and incredibly delicious) cupcakes are from Cravings Alisha's Cupcakes.
The watercolor flags in the place settings are a free printable over at Sugar and Cloth. 

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