My memory is going you guys...short-term, long-term...it's going. Early onset Alzheimers? I'm not ruling it out.

I FORGOT we went to the farm a few weeks ago! Which is surprising considering how much Jillian STILL talks about it. Kristen finally got around to posting on HER blog about it and it all came rushing back. ;-)

We went with some friends and all of the littles loved it! Jillian was running from animal to animal shouting the noise that it makes. I think it's safe to safe her favorite part of the whole day was her very first pony ride. I was taking bets that she wouldn't even let me put her on the pony. She tends to freak out over the smallest of things and HATES trying new things or anything that draws attention to herself.

 Much to my surprise, she LOVED it. She didn't even want me to put my hand on her back to steady her! She grabbed that saddle horn and was a natural. She kept petting its mane saying "Hi Pony!" I don't think her smile could have stretched any wider. 

Maybe there are horse riding lessons in our future...following in her mama's footsteps!

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