girls weekend in park cit-ay

A couple of weekends ago I went with some good friends up to Park City for a getaway. My cousin Jenn has been living in Utah for the summer and was moving back to Indiana so we needed a last hoo-rah. It was so much fun! We stayed up way too late, ate too much, and spent too much money (well, I did anyway) but it was all worth it!

I love these girls!

I found this mini letter writing kit in one of the boutiques we were in. Naturally I had to buy it...I mean...HELLO!?!?

 Oh...and we found out the hotel room only had 1 bed when we walked in. Good thing we brought an air mattress. The 3 tiny people shared it. 

The hotel room was also set up really strangely. You walked in the main door to the room, then there was a small hallway with two separate doors to two separate rooms that were no thicker than a regular bedroom door. We totally thought the guy in the room next to us was going to murder us in our sleep...Kristen was looking out of the peep hole and the guy was just standing in the hallway staring at our door! Total creepsters. Needless to say we moved a bench in front of the flimsy little door. I'm happy to report all 5 of us are still alive. 

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