cousins, cousins, cousins

Jillian had the GREATEST time in Florida last week! The first morning we woke up there, Jillian opened her eyes, looked around, and immediately shot up in bed and yelled "NANA!!!" Forget James and I, Nana and Papa are basically her favorite people. She latched on to my Dad almost immediately and constantly was grabbing his hand to go do whatever she had planned (usually to go check out the cows, find "Lucy the Wonderdog", or go on a golf cart ride). 

My parents were awesome enough to watch her for the week while James and I headed off to celebrate our anniversary (more on that later). She spent a good chunk of the week playing with my brother's kids.
If you didn't grow up with your cousins being some of your best friends, you really missed out. I was fortunate enough to grow up around a whole slew of 'em, so most of my favorite childhood memories involve them.

It's so fun to see Jillian start to develop those relationships with her 3 cousins.  And man, those girls went 90 to nothin' everyday. It would take Jillian less than 5 minutes to fall asleep each night just because she was so worn out from the whole day of playing. There were multiple tea parties, lots of dressing up, cookie decorating, general playing outside and getting filthy- so fun. 

 (The boys in our family are so outnumbered!)

Jillian is the younger than both Milly(4) and Eliza(3), so it was funny to see her copy every little thing they would do. She picked up a few new nuances. Haha. I have a feeling these girls will be really fun as teenagers. ;-)

One night, we had MY cousins' kids over (so weird we're all old enough to have kids...) to watch a movie outside on the big blowup screen. I think they all sat and watched the movie for maybe 10 minutes. The rest of the time was spent running around, chasing each other or trying to get their hands on more popcorn and candy. 

Cousins are just the BEST!

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