anniversary trip

When James and I dropped Jillian off at my parent's house to head off for a few days to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, one of our first thoughts was..."but what are we going to DO?" Do I even remember how to sleep in and relax? Set my own schedule for the day? In case you're wondering, all of those things come back pretty naturally, like riding a bike. (Except I did wake up naturally at like 7:30 everyday and had to force myself to fall back to sleep...rough, I know). 

We went to South Walton Beach on the gulf coast of Florida (about 10 minutes away from Destin). It. Was. Awesome. 

Bet you didn't know one of James' hidden talents is sand-sculpting, eh? 
Haha..just kidding..we just walked by this and took a picture. But still- incredible right?!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, the sand more white, or the ocean water more blue. 

Although we did realize that we pretty much suck at vacationing without Jillian. We probably brought her up every half-hour (at least), mentioning how she would have fun playing in the sand, or something that reminded us of her. Funny how that happens...you want some time to yourselves and you just end up talking about your kids you just left behind!

 One night we went on a sunset sail out on the ocean. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the view was incredible! You could see through the water all the way down to the sand. There were also a TON of dolphins. Some of them swam right up next to our boat! 

After the sail we ate at a restaurant right on the docks. I made a last minute decision to get shrimp 'n grits...and oh my STARS. Even though I grew up in the south I somehow never ate that, but now it's all I want to eat until I die. Easily one of the best things I've ever had. 
James ordered up a whole plate of fried everything (clams, fish, calamari, you name it).

All in all it was a perfect getaway and a fun way to celebrate our anniversary! I could totally retire in South Walton...and just eat shrimp 'n grits until I get too old and fat to function.

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