5 years!

Happy 5 years to James and I! FIVE! That's a big one. I think it'll be really fun to get to the point where you've spent more years WITH the person you love than without- we're workin' on it. 

(On our 1st anniversary- eating our frozen wedding cake)
You learn a lot about a person after being married to them for 5 years. You learn what buttons to push, and which ones not to push, and which ones you can only push on certain days. You learn their weird little habits or rituals and you learn to still love them for it. You learn how to disagree without raising you voice, how to compromise, and how to forgive and ask for forgiveness. You learn how to listen- even when it's about something completely uninteresting to you, but incredibly interesting to them- and you're interested because THEY are. 

(Our 2nd anniversary- eating..again)

And you even learn things you thought you already knew how to do- like take turns (taking the trash out), share (my side of the bed- aka the whole thing), say please and thank you. You learn to never take those two words for granted- please and thank you. It's often the little things you thought you already knew how to do that you relearn the importance of after a few years or marriage and you get "comfortable". The little things will make or break you, people. Take heed. I have good marital advice. 

(Our 3rd anniversary) 
All in all, I wouldn't have wanted to spend the last 5 years with anyone else. And I don't want to spend the next 5 years with anyone else. 
He's my guy. 
We've invested a lot in each other. In it to win it.

(Our 4th anniversary- oh look, eating some more) 

 SO after 3 moves (2 apartments, 1 house), 4 cars, 7 jobs, 2 college degrees and another in the process, and 1 incredibly adorable toddler later, Happy 5 years James Houlin! Love you a whole lot! 

The 5 year picture will come soon. But right now I'm sitting on the couch in my pj's, no makeup and greasy hair. That's what year five looks like. ;-) But don't worry, we're going to the gulf coast next week to officially celebrate so the picture is SURE to be of us eating some incredible sea food. Clearly we like to celebrate with food. That's totally normal. 

(Updated 10/23- Year 5!)


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