things i'm thinking

In no particular order:

- I literally just googled "hairtstyles for toddlers with mullets." I didn't really find the results I was looking for (why you fail me google?!)..but Jillian's hair situation is desperate. Home girl has a mullet to the David Bowie-th degree. I did pin some cute ideas when she has more hair up top. In the mean time...I guess we'll rock the pig tails...daily. 

- Why did I decide to paint my kitchen cabinets again? Holy WORK Batman! My kitchen (and basically entire main floor) is a disaster area. 

 (see? Disaster zone.)

- I'm so over being sick. I asked James, "What if you couldn't breathe out of your mouth and you were really congested?" He said, "You'd die." I guess that makes sense. Good things we can breathe out of our mouths.

- Is it summer yet? All the snow outside is re-dic-a-lus. Not to mention anytime the door has been opened, a blast of arctic air shoots through the entire house. I haven't driven my car the last couple of days (or even stepped outside really- sick, remember?) and it wouldn't even start this morning. Umm...what? 

- Not ready for Christmas break to be over...but ready for all the Christmas stuff to be put away. Jillian's into straight up throwing the ornaments now..aye aye aye.

- I FINALLY found some new couch pillows I like at Target. HOL-E-CRAP I love Target! 

(every time folks)

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