jillian, meet santa

We took Jillian to meet Santa tonight! We have a few Santa things around the house, and she always says, "Where's Santa?" and will go point to one of them. I think she's definitely made the red hat/white beard connection.

It was FREEZING outside, but I think Riverwoods at Christmas time is so gorgeous. Put a bajillion Christmas lights on every tree branch there is and I'm sold. So we went. 

Much to our surprise, she didn't freak out. In one sense this disappointed me because I already had our Christmas card idea planned out, based around the picture of her sitting on Santa's lap screaming her head off. But nope. She was a little confused, but content. After we walked away she said, "Bye Santa!" and started smiling. It was pretty cute.

We stopped by Kneaders on the way home and got delicious goodies. Pumpkin steamers are my new favorite things. So are gingerbread men with chocolate pants the size of my face. 

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