a crafty christmas

I decided to make a lot of Christmas crafts and presents this year. Bad idea. I think I took on way too much. I was painting my last project on Christmas Eve. Everything turned out great (except for the tile sign I'm still working on for James' mom because my stupid Cricut is having issues). 

I didn't get pictures of everything, because I was too busy trying to actually finish them in time, but here are a couple: 

Sign for Nana (my mom):

I used the frame underneath to make a photo collage for my Dad of pictures of him with Jillian. 

Bibs and matching burp cloths for Jon & Sarah's new baby, Theodore:

And the project I'm most proud of, Jillian's table and chairs set. I got the set from Ikea for $20 (such a good deal). It comes in a rather boring wood/white combination...and that just would not do. 

The chairs are covered in scrapbook paper (the most adorable patterns I've ever seen). It took a LOT of time and a LOT of Mod Podge. The table is painted on the legs and has chalkboard paint on the top. So worth it, but so glad to be done with it! 

She loves it! Success.

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