a very, very cold date

Last week we went on our first date since Michaela (aka the best babysitter/aunt/sister ever) moved back to Florida- thanks Shelby! 

 (that's a really nasty picture of us...I know...but it's the only one I took)

We saw A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater. They did such a great job! Makes me wonder sometimes how people in little Orem, Utah are so talented...and people like Kristen Stewart are the ones to make millions of dollars for "acting". Hmmm...

  It was fa-fa-freezing that night, which sucks because you have to wait outside of the Theater in line to get your tickets. 

There was a scene towards the end where Bob Cratchit visits Tiny Tim's grave and sings What Child is This? and snow falls from the ceiling. I couldn't help but tear up as that was the reality for so many parents in Connecticut this Christmas. Thoughts and prayers still with them. 


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