christmas day

Merry Christmas! Here are some pictures (iphone quality-as most of them are) from our morning. 

In the wee hours of the morning, Jillian woke up around 1 with a fever (darn these molars!). We gave her some motrin and Benadryl (heh...) to help her get through the rest of the night. Thanks to Sir Benadryl she slept until 8:30! What a wonderful Christmas present. 

James' dad and brother were over for Christmas morning. It's always fun seeing them!

Jillian was over all a little confused. When we unveiled her kitchen and table, she was kind of looking at it like "What is this? For me?" And looking at us like, "Why the heck are you guys making such a big deal out of this?" Haha. She also didn't really get the unwrapping part of the presents. I'm sure we'll be in full force Christmas kid crazy next year (and all the years after), so it was nice to have a relaxed morning! 

In my family it's always a tradition to have a big Christmas brunch. And big it was. I'd been cooking nearly the entire day before and a good chunk of the morning! My efforts were not in vain. We had chunky cinnamon french toast casserole with fresh cream and berries, sausage quiche, spinach and mushroom quiche, sweet and spicy bacon, and fresh fruit. YUM-O. 

Also, I need to get on that gym joining thing like STAT. I ate a piece of cheesecake for lunch...just...cheesecake. 

Jillian's been having a rough few nights. It's guaranteed she'll wake up some where between 12-2 with a poopy diaper, runny nose, and a fever. Two of the three things we tribute to teething molars (death be to the molars). Christmas night proved to be no different, she still woke up. But this time she was on fire. Her fever was over 104 and she had a weird rash on her legs and arms that looked like clusters of purple mosquito bites. I called my dad (Dr. Papa) and he said go ahead and take her into the ER to get checked and make sure the rash wasn't a bacterial infection. Aye aye aye. Why do our ER visits always happen in the middle of the night? 

Anyway. We bundled up Jillian and headed down to Utah Valley, where it was far less than busy. Funny how things move so slowly in an emergency room. I guess they didn't want to be there either. 

They checked her out and gave her a strep test. After much thrashing and screaming and attempts on our part to hold her down to be looked at, they gave her some Benadryl for the rash (oh bless ye Benadryl). Jillian was cradled in James' arms when the nurse was giving it to her. She pulled away at the same time the nurse squirted the syringe and it ended up all over James' face. Classic. She was super embarrassed. The strep test came back negative and turns out it's just her THIRD viral bug this month. Kid can't stay well. 

We got back home around 3am. And now we're sitting on the couch watching the third episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Because we're tired, and we can. 

Merry Christmas!

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