Partaay Weekend

This weekend was biiizonkers. Holiday happenings are in full swing. Friday night we went to James' work Christmas party, with like 498 other people. They do drawings for door prizes and James' ticket number was ALMOST called like 4 times (only the last digit would be off)- dang it!! Jillian was a doll the entire time. She stayed up 2 hours past her bedtime and wasn't even grumpy about it! Quite the opposite actually.

Speaking of her, she has REALLY started cooing. I've been kind of worried lately because she started to do it a couple of months ago, then completely stopped and would only grunt sometimes (but would still laugh and smile). I figured if she didn't start again by 6 months then I'd probably have something to worry about...but we're in the clear now because she DOES and it's friggin' ADORABLE. 

Anyway. Saturday was also insanely busy. My morning started at 8:00am (should have started at 7:00 with Zumba..oops..) and I went grocery shopping for the ingredients for the spread I had planned for our Christmas party. I ended up going to three grocery stores just to find this stinkin' bread I was looking for (still didn't end up finding it, so I just had to substitute with something else). I came home with enough time to drop off groceries, give James the recipe for the chocolate peppermint cheesecake, and run back out the door to my hair appointment (Did you catch that? Yes, JAMES made the cheesecake! He has a hidden baking talent I don't even think he knew he had).

Chocolate Chunk Candy Cane Cheesecake. Get the recipe here.

Then it was off to my classroom and the dollar store for a few game supplies. As soon as I got home it was cooking/cleaning/getting Jillian ready for bed until our party at 7:30. Crrrazy busy.

In light of all the parties- and holidays in general- I've eaten so much crap...I'll never lose this last 9 pounds of baby weight if I keep this up! But hey...9 is much better than the 35 I started off with, right?

Cream Filled Strawberries. Get the recipe here.

Other recipes from the party:
Sun-dried tomato & spinach torta with crostini (the fav of the night). Recipe here.
Cinnamon white chocolate pretzels. Recipe here.

But back to our party...we played some Minute to Win It Christmas style games- so funny! 

                  Photobucket  Photobucket


Now I just have to get myself through the next two and a half days of school and then Thursday morning at 9:15am it's off to Florida for Christmas vacation!! AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

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