Family photo/barf session

Yesterday we got together with the fabulous Amy Buchanan (see her website here) for a family photo shoot. My mom would have died had we not done this. The pictures turned out adorably, in spite of all the goings on before and after the pictures. 

The day before, Eliza (my 1 year old niece) spent the night throwing up. That morning while we were getting ready for pictures Michaela was throwing up. Then on the way to the shoot location, from the back seat I hear "I'm choking! I'm choking! I'm going to throw up!" Milly woke up out of a dead sleep to declare moments before orange vomit spewed out of her mouth, all over her car seat, and her one and only outfit for the pictures. 

It smelled horribly. James even said, "It smells orange.."

She proceeded to throw up once more during the photo shoot, off to the side in the grass somewhere. 

On the car ride home (we were all in 3 different cars because of all 8 of us plus 3 kids in car seats), my Dad had to pull over twice so Michaela could vomit on the side of the road. Well...the first time she didn't quite make it to the side of the road. And Milly threw up 7 or 8 times in the car (fortunately into a bag this time). 

By the time we all got home and night time came, Kimber and my Mom were also getting sick. 

Blegh. Here's to hoping the flu James, Jillian and I already caught guarantees our immunity from this barf fest. If not, I can't promise I'll be getting on an airplane tomorrow to make the trek back to Utah. 

Here's a sneak peek of some of the pictures: 

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  1. Omg.. that's crazy! Hope all of you are better now!! The pictures look so good!


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